Ghanem family, from Brazil, Artisan Ambassador of 2018!


A Father, a mother, two sons and two daughters in law all became “Artisan Ambassador of 2018” last night: members of the Ghanem family, from Joinville, Brazil: Dr Emir Amin Ghanem, Dr Cleusa Coral-Ghanem, Dr Vinícius Coral Ghanem, Dr Ramon Coral Ghanem, Dr Marcielle Abicalaffe Ghanem and Josiane Deschamps Ghanem.

In his speech, Erik-Jan Worst mentioned how special the family is for the Artisan concept: two generations of ophthalmologists in one family, who all use and promote the Artisan lenses. Next to that a father who implanted the Artisan lenses in his own son’s eyes. 
The Ghanem family received the reward during OPHTEC’s annual user meeting in Vienna.

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