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Press release: New Presbyopia and Astigmatism correcting IOL available: Precizon Presbyopic Toric IOL


Groningen, The Netherlands, May 1st, 2021

OPHTEC bv announces the introduction of the Precizon Presbyopic Toric IOL. This new lens, a spin-off of the Precizon Toric and Precizon Presbyopic, offers patients the good qualities of both models, with no limitations.

The Toric is unique because of its TCT (Transitional Conic Toric) optic, designed to tolerate misalignment and the Presbyopic through its characteristic CTF (Continuous Transitional Focus) segments. CTF, provides a smooth transition from far to near, offering a constant defocus between two sharp focal points, delivering excellent near, far and intermediate vision, with low halos and glare.

TCT and CTF are unique patented technologies and are both provided by this new lens. “It sounds simple”, says Erik de Haas, Development Leader of OPHTEC’s R&D Department “but, that does not mean it is simple from a technical perspective. In terms of optics, it is a unique, advanced technological design. The lens is based on the TCT surface, upon which Precizon Presbyopic’s far/near segments are superimposed” he continued.

With this new advanced IOL design, OPHTEC ensures that patients with astigmatism can also benefit from CTF's Natural Vision.

The new Precizon Presbyopic Toric IOL is available from May 2021.

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