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ArtiVisc and ArtiVisc Plus

ArtiVisc and ArtiVisc Plus provide protective coating of endothelial cells during intraocular manoeuvers in cataract and refractive surgery.

ArtiVisc and ArtiVisc Plus are viscoelastic solutions that combine high viscosity, high elasticity and high molecular weight. 

Features and Benefits:

• High viscosity
• High elasticity
• Non inflammatory 
• Outstanding optical clarity
• No air bubble formation
• Does not require refrigeration


• Sodium hyaluronate: ArtiVisc 1%; ArtiVisc Plus 1.4%
• Viscosity (zero shear rate, 25°C) Average 1 million cPs (ArtiVisc Plus: 3.3 million cPs)
• PH 7.0 - 7.5
• ArtiVisc: 27 Gauge cannula
• ArtiVisc Plus: 25 Gauge cannula


Content Ref
ArtiVisc 0.85 ml H53.16.010
ArtiVisc 0.55 ml H53.16.015
ArtiVisc Plus 0.85 ml H53.16.020
ArtiVisc Plus 0.55 ml H53.16.025

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