Presbyopic Phakic IOL



We developed a new foldable iris fixated Phakic IOL for the correction of presbyopia. Or as we call it; Artiplus. The use of our CTF technology results in amazing first patient outcomes which makes us very confident about this new lens. Artiplus is approved in South-Korea. In Europe the clinical study is running.

Natural vision at all distances​
The multi-segmented optic with CTF technology offer a smooth transition from far to near between the segments. This transition offers a constant defocus between the two sharp focal points, delivering excellent intermediate vision. 
Reducing Glare & Halos
The use of segments instead of concentric rings reduce photic phenomena thereby helping patients to adapt more naturally to their new vision. 

Based on trusted Artiflex platform
Artiflex has proven to be one of the world’s safest, most effective IOL designs. 

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The Ophthalmologist, December 2022, April 2023

Clinical evedince


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