USA 01-04-2019

Artisan® Phakic IOLs

By Ophtec

The ARTISAN® Phakic IOL is an intraocular lens used in ophthalmology for the correction of refractive errors in eyes that still have the natural crystalline lens. The lens provides patients with high-quality vision and reduces or eliminates the need for glasses or contact lenses.

Iris Fixation

The ARTISAN® is distinctive from other phakic intraocular lenses by the manner in which the lens is fixed in the eye: to the iris. This type of fixation is made possible by the shape of the lens. Two iridoplastic bridges or 'claws' are diametrically located around the optic, giving rise to the original invention name, the Iris Claw Lens. 

During implantation, the lens is first centered in front of the pupil and then iris tissue is enclosed between the claws on both sides of the lens. This process of capturing iris tissue between the claws is called enclavation. This unique enclavation technique allows the lens to be stably maintained in the correct position without the need for sutures. The part of the iris where the lens is clipped in place is in the mid-periphery, which is immobile during pupillary movement. This iris fixation method has already been in use for over 35 years. With proper technique, there is less surgical trauma compared to other fixation methods and it is both safe and effective.

Iris fixation advantages

Iris Fixation or Enclavation:

  • Ensures stable fixation to the iris, the toughest tissue within the eye
  • Prevents postop rotation
  • Ensures an optimal distance from the crystalline lens and the corneal endothelium
  • Allows relatively unrestricted constriction and dilation of the pupil
  • Permits centration of the lens over the pupil
  • Is extremely versatile, as ARTISAN® lenses may be fixated horizontally, vertically or obliquely
  • Ensures reversibility of fixation, is easy to reposition and easy to exchange
  • Allows maximal visibility of lens
  • Permits one size for all
  • Offers a long clinical history (first ARTISAN® Phakic IOL implanted on November 2, 1986)
  • First phakic IOL to be FDA approved in 2006

FDA Approved Models:


Artisan Myopia 
Model 206
5/8.5 mm,
Dioptric powers: -5.0 to -20.0 D (0.5 increments)
Artisan Myopia Model 204  6/8.5 mm
Dioptric powers: -5.0 to -15.5 D (0.5 increments)


Artilens certification

To ensure the best outcomes for patients implanted with ARTISAN® lenses, Ophtec provides lenses only to certified professionals. Ophtec USA routinely conducts specialized certification courses with wet labs to develop and maintain surgical skills of providers. ARTISAN® training by Ophtec guarantees the continued high-quality results of the product. Click here for more information and details of courses.

To find an ARTISAN® trained medical professional near you, you can consult the ArtiLens customer website  under Clinics, or contact us directly.

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