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an interview with export managers Walter Nazaire, Teresa Filhó and marketing assistant Lisette Korf, 22 March 2021

Making a Virtue of Necessity: OPHTEC's New Online ArtiLens Training Kit

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by OPHTEC on 18 March 2021

New Developments: Precizon Presbyopic Toric IOL

After the successful introduction of the Precizon Toric, six years ago, and the Precizon Presbyopic, two years ago, this year we are introducing the Precizon Presbyopic Toric. A promising new concept developed by OPHTEC's engineers, with the unique characteristics of its ancestors. The lens will be available before the summer.

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by OPHTEC on 2 February 2021

Artisan Aphakia in Practice

An interview with Prof. Kim Min from Seoul, South Korea

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by OPHTEC on 18 January 2021

Iris de Jong, eye care volunteer in Ghana

OPHTEC’s Account Manager, Iris de Jong has worked as an eyecare volunteer in remote areas of Ghana twice. “It’s rewarding work and it also makes you more creative and proficient in your job as optometrist” she concludes.

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by OPHTEC on 7 January 2021

Artiflex, the best of two worlds

Many different IOLs and PIOLs have been developed and marketed since Harold Ridley's famous first in 1952. But most of them have already been forgotten. Only a small group of IOLs survived for a longer period of time. At OPHTEC, we can proudly conclude that the iris fixated IOLs are among them.

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by OPHTEC on 17 December 2020

The Clinic: Eye clinic OMC Hanzekliniek

In our series "The Clinic" we visit OMC HanzeKliniek (The Netherlands). An interview with Managing director Geke Hoekstra, about the clinic, the ties with OPHTEC and the impact of the coronavirus crisis.

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by OPHTEC on 9 June 2020

Prof. Dr Tetz's preference for the iris fixation technique is solidly based on research and studies

Prof. Dr Manfred Tetz from Berlin is OPHTEC's 2019 'Artisan Ambassador'. We asked him about his career, his clinic and why he prefers the iris fixation technique over other fixation methods.

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an interview with Erik Jan Worst, OPHTEC's President & CEO, 23 April 2020

Doing business after ease of COVID-19 lockdowns – OPHTEC’s corona-proof services for your eye clinic or hospital

As some countries took their first watchful steps back to normality since lockdown rules were introduced, Erik Jan Worst, OPHTEC’s president & CEO, gathered online with all country managers across the globe to discuss the new situation. “Not exactly routine calls as we know them” Erik Jan says, sitting at his desk at OPHTEC’s global headquarters in Groningen, The Netherlands.

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by OPHTEC on 24 February 2020

The Importance of Analysing the Angle Kappa and Alpha Before Implanting MFIOLs

Angle kappa is the difference between the pupillary and visual axis. This measurement is of paramount consideration in refractive surgery, as proper centration is required for optimal results. Angle kappa may contribute to MFIOL decentration and its resultant photic phenomena.1

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an interview with Somesh Kohli, 12 December 2019

“As Account Manager at OPHTEC, my main focus is on the patients”

“My sister was extremely near-sighted, and at OPHTEC we make special lenses for that impairment. It was very satisfying that, as a brother, I was able to help her.” Somesh Kohli is Account Manager at OPHTEC, and with his years of experience he knows a lot about lenses. That knowledge stood him to good stead helping his sister: “I was right beside her when she had her surgery.”

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by OPHTEC on 24 November 2019

Customized lens calculations by OPHTEC: “It is a free extra service, it’s part of what we do”

“Patients don’t even know we exist, but our work is very important for them.” Lamija Rustempasic and her colleagues perform calculations at OPHTEC to determine the power of implantable lenses. They do this as a team: “One team member performs the calculation, another team member checks it. We want our calculations to be correct, as each calculation represents a patient.”

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an interview with Paolo Soleri, 25 October 2019

Product development at OPHTEC is an ongoing process

“As a company, you simply have to keep developing to have a future. Especially where your own speciality is concerned.” Development Leader Paolo Soleri enjoys working on new products, particularly if OPHTEC can set itself apart with these products. “Other market parties produce lenses that are placed behind the iris; we make lenses that are placed in front of the iris. Our ‘iris-fixated lens’ concept is one of our key products. Even after 35 years it still offers original solutions for the replacement of glasses and cataract surgery.”

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by OPHTEC on 23 September 2019

Precizon Presbyopic IOL - First impressions one year after the official launch

During the 2018 ESCRS, OPHTEC has launched a new IOL concept for the correction of presbyopia with an optic using the patented Continuous Transitional Focus (CTF) technology. We are now delighted to share the findings of several surgeons spread around the globe. Find out why they are using the Precizon Presbyopic lenses.



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by OPHTEC on 14 February 2019

One of the most critical success factors with presbyopia correcting IOLs: balancing your patient’s expectations

In general, one of the most critical success factors for mIOLs is balancing your patient’s expectations. Naturally, patients compare their post-operative uncorrected visual function with their pre-operative state.

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by OPHTEC on 14 February 2019

Characteristics to consider when selecting patients for Presbyopic IOLs

When a clinic or hospital starts using Precizon Presbyopic IOLs, a frequently asked question is: what characteristics should we consider when selecting patients for presbyopia-correcting IOLs?

Even before selecting the appropriate IOL and target refraction, the most important factor to successful cataract surgery is getting to know the patient’s personality and visual objectives: 


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an interview with Bert Bodewes and Erwin Kerstholt, 14 November 2018

Producing Precizon IOL models

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by OPHTEC on 11 October 2018

Top 3 video's of Prof. Dr Worst on YouTube

In the context of OPHTEC's 35th anniversary, we collected the top 3 video's of Prof. Dr Worst on YouTube.

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by OPHTEC on 23 July 2018

Evaluation of the first 400 implantations of the Precizon Presbyopic IOL

What do these surgeons think of the new CTF Precizon™ Presbyopic IOL? We asked them two questions and this is what they answered:

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by OPHTEC on 15 May 2018

Steps for Toric IOL implantation

Cataract surgery is perceived as a quick and relatively simple procedure. However, in case of astigmatism, the work of a multidisciplinary team and a specific surgical approach of its pre-, per- and postoperative phases is necessary for best outcomes.

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