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Blog 12-09-2023

Tecnología Destacada: Tecnología CTF

¿Cómo logra la Precizon Presbyopic CTF una transición suave desde cerca hasta lejos, incluyendo...

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Blog 18-03-2021

New Developments: Precizon Presbyopic Toric IOL

After the successful introduction of the Precizon Toric, six years ago, and the Precizon...

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Blog 18-01-2021

Iris de Jong, eye care volunteer in Ghana

Ophtec’s Account Manager, Iris de Jong has worked as an eyecare volunteer in remote areas of Ghana...

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Blog 07-01-2021

Artiflex, the best of two worlds

Many different IOLs and PIOLs have been developed and marketed since Harold Ridley's famous first...

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Blog 24-02-2020

The Importance of Analysing the Angle Kappa and Alpha Before Implanting MFIOLs

Angle kappa is the difference between the pupillary and visual axis. This measurement is of...

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Blog 12-12-2019

“As Account Manager at Ophtec, my main focus is on the patients”

“My sister was extremely near-sighted, and at Ophtec we make special lenses for that impairment. It...

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Blog 24-11-2019

Customized lens calculations by Ophtec: “It is a free extra service, it’s part of what we do”

“Patients don’t even know we exist, but our work is very important for them.” Lamija Rustempasic...

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Blog 14-02-2019

Characteristics to consider when selecting patients for Presbyopic IOLs

When a clinic or hospital starts using Precizon Presbyopic IOLs, a frequently asked question is:...

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Blog 14-02-2019

One of the most critical success factors with presbyopia correcting IOLs: balancing your patient’s expectations

In general, one of the most critical success factors for mIOLs is balancing your patient’s...

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Blog 15-05-2018

Steps for Toric IOL implantation

Cataract surgery is perceived as a quick and relatively simple procedure. However, in case of...

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