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OPHTEC was established because of its founders' desire to help people with vision problems. This mission has inspired the people who work at OPHTEC for over thirty-five years now. It has resulted in a series of unique intraocular lenses and instruments for ophthalmology. Products that make a difference, products aimed at helping people to improve their vision.

OPHTEC's mission and vision statements

Our mission:
Passion for vision, help people to see better.

Our Vision:
Offer clinically innovative ophthalmic products to patients and doctors, with a focus on perfection.


OPHTEC's intraocular lenses and instruments are used for:
• Cataract surgery 
• Refractive surgery 
• Trauma surgery

• Cataract surgery
The majority of the products made by OPHTEC are state-of-the-art implantable intraocular lenses (IOLs) for cataract surgery. These IOLs replace the natural lens when it has become opaque due to cataract. OPHTEC offers a broad range of these lenses, monofocal as well as premium toric and presbyopia-correcting models.

• Refractive surgery
The unique ArtiLens phakic intraocular lenses (PIOLs) are used for refractive surgery to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. They are patented products made by OPHTEC only. OPHTEC was the first company worldwide to offer intraocular lenses for refractive surgery. In 2004 model Artisan Myopia was the first phakic IOL to obtain FDA approval in the US.

• Trauma surgery
OPHTEC's iris reconstruction implants are used in cases of iris defects caused by accidents (trauma) or defects that have developed congenitally. A coloured foldable iris prosthesis ensures that the right amount of light enters the eye so that the patient is no longer impeded by excessively bright light. 


OPHTEC’s founding in 1983 was inspired by the unique inventions of ophthalmologist prof. Jan Worst (1925 - 2015). Jan Worst was not happy with the ophthalmic surgical products available in those days. He developed his own instruments and IOLs. His wife, Mrs Anneke Worst-van Dam (1928 - 2020) believed that more patients should benefit from her husband's unique inventions. Therefore she founded OPHTEC. 
Today the Dutch family business has grown to more than 140 employees with subsidiaries in Asia Pacific, Germany, Japan, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, Spain and the USA. OPHTEC’s highly qualified R&D team translates customer requirements together with suggestions, wishes and ideas from ophthalmologists, into new unique products that find their way around the world. OPHTEC and the ophthalmologist combine forces with the aim of helping patients to improve their vision.

OPHTEC follows a Corporate Governance Code, also known as code of conduct. The code of conduct is a document that helps to apprehend an open, transparent and ethical organizational culture. OPHTEC believes following such a code is important for conducting business. The code of conduct offers direction to behaviour and helps to act in a way that is in line with OPHTEC’s mission, vision and core values. Everyone who works within OPHTEC has the responsibility to comply with this code.

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