No single eye is the same. So in cataract surgery, you’re looking for IOLs that offer the perfect solution for whoever’s in your chair. Meet our Precizon Family: a complete range of best-in-class cataract IOLs, created by Ophtec. You’ll clearly see the difference.

From monofocal to full range of vision Precizon brings you state-of-the-art lenses for any cataract challenge. Monofocal, enhanced intermediate vision and full range of vision IOLs with patented CTF technology. Regular and Toric. Each Precizon product is made to stand out. With a natural fit and ingenious optics that deliver extraordinary results. For successful surgery and perfect natural vision.

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We develop best-in-class IOLs for any type of cataract surgery. The Precizon Family is a complete line of reliable lenses with standout optics. For natural vision at all distances. With a natural fit to prevent post-op problems.

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Full range of vision

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Our Precizon lenses are best in class. But don't just take our word for it. We have made a considilated overview of studies regarding our patented CTF and TCT technology. Download the compendiums to discover the clinical insights.

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