Artisan Toric

Model 130/140

Iris-fixated IOL designed for spherical and cylindrical correction of myopic and hyperopic eyes.

  • Long-term safety
  • No rotation postop
  • Predictable, reliable, stable, versatile

The asymmetric optic of Artisan Toric has two components: sphere and cylinder. All (spherical) Artisan lenses for myopia and hyperopia can be supplied with cylinders between 1.0 and 7.5 diopters. It is also possible to produce optics with only a cylindric correction.

  • Reversible treatment
  • Optimal clearance from vital tissues

Designed for...

Long-term stability

The design of the iris-fixated claws guarantees long-term stability as proven over the last 30 years.

No postop rotation

The unique and versatile fixation method enables exact positioning of the PIOL in any meridian and centration on the pupil, without the risk of lens rotation or decentration.

Safe and effective surgery

Artisan has been on the market for decades and has a long track record of safety, efficiency and reliability. Besides that, it is a reversible procedure.


Material: PMMA CQ-UV
Overall Ø: 8.5 mm
Body Ø: 5.0 mm | Convex-concave
Dioptric Powers:

The Artisan Toric PIOL can correct astigmatism from 1.0 to 7.5 diopters

Cylinder Power (D) Min. to max. sphere power (D) (0.5 increments)
-1.0 -22.0 to 7.5
-1.5 -21.5 to 8.0
-2.0 -21.0 to 8.5
-2.5 -20.5 to 9.0
-3.0 -20.0 to 9.5
-3.5  -19.5 to 10.0
-4.0 -19.0 to 10.5
-4.5 -18.5 to 11.0
-5.0 -18.0 to 11.5
-5.5 -17.5 to 12.0
-6.0 -17.0 to 12.5
-6.5 -16.5 to 13.0
-7.0 -16.0 to 13.5
-7.5 -15.5 to 14.0



  • Artisan Phakic IOL Factsheet

  • Calculation form

  • Patient FAQ on IOLs

  • Summary clinical investigation data Artisan Toric


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