CPMA maximizes outcomes for you and your patients. This package includes:

  • Clinical consultancy and support
  • Lens power calculation
  • Precizon Toric IOL

The treatment of astigmatism is precision work relying heavily on very accurate measurements, calculations, markings and alignment. With CPMA (Comprehensive Platform Management Astigmatism), Ophtec has joined forces and collaborated with various experts to develop a suite of products and expertise for the vital preoperative phase of toric cataract surgery. This package contains the Precizon Toric IOL, Cassini EKR and TCA, Robomarker, clinical consultancy and support and lens power calculation.

Precizon Toric IOL

A new generation toric lens, the Precizon Toric IOL features a special Transitional Conic Toric surface designed to be more tolerant of misalignment.

Read more about the Precizon Toric IOL.

Cassini EKR and TCA

The Cassini Corneal shape analyzer helps you and your team better understand corneal properties to improve outcomes. Cassini offers a full suite of examinations required for toric IOL implantation. This includes corneal topography, specular reflection technology to reconstruct the shape of both the anterior (1st Purkinje image) and the posterior (2nd Purkinje image) surface of the cornea, mesopic and photopic pupillometry as well as full color photography for diagnostic purposes and EKR direct values for optimized IOL calculations.

Read more about the Cassini Corneal shape analyzer.


A self-leveling corneal marker with pre-inked, sterile, disposable tips and an integrated fixation light. Designed for accuracy and precision, patient comfort and efficiency.

Read more about the Robomarker.

Clinical consultancy and support

Our CPMA consultants will explain and support your use of the Cassini TCA. They will help interpret the results and use them to select the correct optical power and implantation procedure. They will also provide support and guidance for the Robomarker and the implantation of the Precizon Toric IOL.

Lens power calculation

Ophtec’s calculation team has been making lens calculations for ophthalmologists worldwide for almost 30 years. They are happy to use their vast practical experience to help calculate your toric lens power. An online lens power calculator is also available.



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