PXL Platinum


A portable device with a high quality table mount for corneal crosslinking which is used for treating patients with progressive keratoconus and other ectatic corneal diseases.

  • Variable settings from 3mW up to 30mW
  • Self-calibrating and self-adjusting
  • Eye tracking with real time camera view

The PXL Platinum 330 has been designed with a special focus on effectiveness, safety and user friendliness and incorporates the latest clinical evidence and insights. It enables the user to select the required energy levels: 3 mW, 9 mW, 18 mW and 30 mW per cm2 with automatic time adjustment. Furthermore, it allows pulsed radiation in combination with the latest technology for treating infectious keratitis, with adjustable illumination on /off intervals. Dedicated LASIK / PRK modes are also available.

Integrated infrared camera

The PXL Platinum 330 has an integrated infrared camera for eye tracking and to ensure the correct distance. Both tracking area and aperture can be individually adjusted to ensure there is no damage to the limbus. The camera also includes a built-in calibration verification to continuously measure emitted light intensity.

Other features

  • Variable settings (3mW, 9mW, 18mW and 30mW) with simultaneous radiation time adjustment.
  • Continuous, individually personalized pulsed and LASIK radiation modes.
  • Adjustable real time camera view.
  • Bluetooth communication interface with powerful treatment reporting.
  • Color touchscreen.
  • Optional ultrasound contact pachymeter.

The PXL Platinum 33 is only available in the Netherlands.

Designed for...


Patient data and treatment settings can easily be exported in a powerful pdf report.

User friendliness

The touchscreen shows real-time eye monitoring, treatment settings and remaining treatment time.


Settings such as aperture and tracking zone can be adjusted during treatment to ensure safety throughout the procedure.



365 nm

Illumination intensity

3, 9, 18, 30 mW / cm2

Working distance

50 mm ± 5 mm

Light emission

Continuous, interval or pulsed wave


3-12 mm | electronically adjusted


Automatic time adjustment: 3, 5, 10, 30 minutes

Electric power

100-240 V | 50/60 Hz

Dimensions of hard case

37 x 46 x 15 cm

Total weight

7 kg


  • PXL Platinum leaflet

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