Surgical Knives

We offer a wide variety of ophthalmic knives and blades to meet the unique needs of various techniques and procedures.

All blades are made of high quality stainless steel, have a consistent sharpness and an anti-glare finish.

Microsurgical knives and blades
We offer more than 200 UniqueEdge microsurgical knives and blades in a range of designs and sizes. We continuously add new knives and blades in response to the changing requirements of the surgical community and we welcome the opportunity to creatively address your new and demanding procedures. All knives are packaged 6 per box. All knives and blades can be viewed here or download the file below.

Corneal trephine
The corneal trephine that Ophtec offers has special cutting characteristics. Due to the extreme sharpness, the incision causes less deformation and distortion than usual with no wedge formation.


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