Precizon Presbyopic<br>Model 570

Precizon Presbyopic
Model 570

Precizon Presbyopic IOL is a foldable presbyopia correcting IOL.


Model: 570  |  One piece IOL
Optic type:  Aberration neutral, Continuous Transition Focus (CTF) optic
UV cut off <10% @360 nm 
Refractive Index: 1.46
Abbe number: 47 (source: Benz R&D)
Haptic configuration Open modified C-loops with offset shaped haptics
Material: Hybrid hydrophobic & hydrophilic monomers. Ultraviolet filtering HEMA/EOEMA Copolymer (Benz25)
Lens colour: Clear
Body Ø: 6.0 mm
Overall Ø: 12.5 mm
Available Powers: +1.0 D to + 35.0 D (0.5 D increments)
Power add +2.75 D.
A-constant ultrasound: 118.0
A-constant optical:

118.6 (SRK T)
118.7 (SRK II)
0.567 (Haigis aO)
0.123 (Haigis a1)
0.159 (Haigis a2)
5.27 (Hoffer-Q pACD)
1.53 (Holladay 1 sf)
1.67 (Barrett suite LF)
0     (Barrett suite DF)


Ramón Ruiz Mesa MD, Tiago Monteiro MD

Continuous Transitional Focus (CTF): A New Concept in Ophthalmic Surgery
Ophthalmology and Therapy,  April 20, 2018


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Functional outcomes and patient satisfaction on the new Precizon Pesbyopic multifocal intraocular lens Study by Prof. Dr Mike Holzer Germany