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ARTISAN Enclavation Forceps <br>DO2-40

ARTISAN Enclavation Forceps

The titanium reusable enclavation forceps are mainly designed for the enlavation of Toric Artisan PIOLs.They are used to take up a fold of iris tissue right below the slot of the "claw". They enable fixation precisely in the correct cylinder axis.

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Use of enclavation needle Dr C. Budo Belgium
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Needle enclavation of the ARTIFLEX PIOL Animation
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Artiflex Toric step by step Prof. J.L. Güell Spain
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Artiflex implantation Prof. J.L. Güell Spain
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VacuFix vacuum enclavation system By: OPHTEC
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Enclavation Forceps Dr C. Peckar United Kingdom
United States