Artisan Hyperopia

Model 203

A predictable, reliable, stable and versatile iris-fixated IOL designed for the correction of hyperopia.

  • Long-term safety
  • Predictable, reliable, stable and versatile
  • Iris fixation

The Artisan has passed the test of time by filling the need for those who seek a predictable and stable solution for the surgical correction of hyperopia.

  • One-size-fits-all
  • Reversible treatment
  • Optimal clearance from vital tissues

Artisan Hyperopia clinical investigation phase III

A total of nine investigation sites have participated in Phase III of the clinical investigation of the Artisan Hyperopia IOL.

Curious about the results. Download the white paper.

Download the white paper

Designed for...

Long-term safety

The design of the Artisan 203 is based on long-term experience of iris fixation. The Artisan concept has the longest design history of any iris-fixated IOL still in use today.

Predictable surgery

The Artisan 203 is designed for doctors seeking an IOL with a predictable, reliable, stable and versatile surgical procedure.


Artisan IOLs make your choices simpler. There is no need to make complicated decisions based on vaulting.


Material: PMMA CQ-UV
Overall Ø: 8.5 mm
Body Ø: 5.0 mm | Convex-concave
Dioptric Powers:

+1.0 D to +12.0 D (0.5 increments)



  • Artisan Phakic IOL Factsheet

  • Calculation form

  • Patient FAQ on IOLs

  • Hyperopia Retrospective study


  • 2005

    Artisan iris-claw phakic intraocular lens followed by laser in situ keratomileusis for high hyperopia 

    Munoz G, Alio JL, Montes-Mico R, Albarran-Diego C, Belda JI. J Cataract Refract Surg. 2005 Feb;31(2):308-17.

  • 2004

    Refractive lens exchange versus iris-claw Artisan phakic intraocular lens for hyperopia

    Pop M, Payette Y. J Refract Surg. 2004 Jan-Feb;20(1):20-4.

  • 2008

    Five-Year Follow-up of 399 Phakic Artisan-Verisyse Implantation for Myopia, Hyperopia, and/or Astigmatism. 

    Güell JL, Morral M, Gris O, Gaytan J, Sisquella M, Manero F. Ophthalmology. 2008;115(6): 1002-12.

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