Precizon Go

Model 580

Precizon Go is a hybrid acrylic IOL designed to provide enhanced intermediate vision.

  • No compromise on distance vision
  • No visual artifacts
  • Solution for broad range of patients

Precizon Go is a one-piece IOL for in-the-bag fixation. It is a purely refractive IOL designed to provide patients with a wider range of clear vision from far to intermediate distances. For such purpose it has been designed with an ingenious power profile that extends the depth of focus without compromising the quality of vision.

The Precizon Go is easy to implant with the IOLMATIC injector system. With just 2 simple clicks the injector is connected to the lens holder, loaded with the IOL and ready to use.

The Precizon Go is currently available in these regions: European Union, South-Korea, South-Africa, Argentina and Jordan. 

Study results

We are excited to share the amazing results of the Precizon Go with you. We have created a clear and easy to read compendium for you. This compendium contains the results of the DJAI bench study and a marketing study. Discover these amazing results yourself by downloading the clinical science compendium.

This scientific data is the result of research studies conducted to evaluate the performance of the Precizon Go IOL, and/or the outcomes in patients receiving surgical implantation of the IOL.

Download the compendium

Designed for...

Enhanced intermediate vision with no compromise on distance vision


Precizon Go has been designed with an ingenious power profile characterized by a modified high-order aspheric anterior surface. Such engineering extends the depth of focus of the patient while maintaining a good quality of vision at distance.  


No visual artifacts


The purely refractive design of Precizon Go, together with its continuous power profile and smooth surface, is intended to provide the patient with an extended range of vision with no visual artifacts as halos and glare.


Solution for a broad range of patients


Precizon Go has been designed to provide the best solution for any cataract patient and for doctors that would like to provide their patients with the best vision possible without taking any risks on visual quality.   





In the capsular bag

Optic type:

Modified high-order aspheric design

Refractive index:


Abbe number:


Optic powers:

-10.0 D to 0.0 D
(Convex concave, 0.5 D increments)
+1.0 D to +35.0 D
(Biconvex, 0.5 D increments)

Haptical configuration:

C-loops with offset shaped haptics

Lens material:

Hybrid hydrophobic & hydrophilic acrylic monomers with UV filter

Lens colour:


Body Ø:

6.0 mm

Overall Ø:

12.5 mm

Haptic angle:

A-constant Ultrasound:


A-constant Optical:

118.6 (SRK T) / 118.7 (SRK II) / 0.567 (Haigis aO)
0.123 (Haigis a1) / 0.159 (Haigis a2)
5.27 (Hoffer-Q pACD) / 1.53 (Holladay 1 sf)
1.67 (Barrett suite LF) / 0.0 (Barrett suite DF)




  • Precizon Family Brochure

  • Precizon Go Factsheet

  • Precizon Patient Brochure

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