Ophtec USA is a subsidiary of Ophtec, the family company of our founder, Prof. Jan Worst. Ophtec USA was established to provide Prof. Worst's visionary products to the US market. Since 1997, the USA team has worked closely with regulatory bodies and trusted distributors to provide ophthalmic surgical devices that empower doctors to give patients their best visual outcomes.

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We are constantly improving our solutions whenever possible and sharing our knowledge with ophthalmologists around the world.

Current clinical trials

Two clinical investigations are currently being sponsored by Ophtec USA to determine the effectiveness and associated risks of using the Artisan® Aphakia lens in the treatment of aphakia.

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A literature review

Abraham Farhan

For children there is a gap in viable treatment options. The Artisan Aphakia is currently under clinical trial to serve this patient population.

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Artisan Phakic IOLs

The lens provides patients with high-quality vision and reduces or eliminates the need for glasses or contact lenses.

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To ensure the best outcomes for patients implanted with Artisan® lenses, Ophtec provides lenses only to certified professionals. Ophtec USA routinely conducts specialized certification courses with wet labs to develop and maintain surgical skills of providers. Artisan® training by Ophtec guarantees the continued high-quality results of the product.

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