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With over 40 years of experience, we have a proven track record of providing best in class, products and solutions that meet the specific needs of ophthalmologists. All products are FDA approved. Have a look!

Model 204

Artisan Myopia

Artisan Myopia 204 IOL

The iris-fixated IOL is designed to correct myopia. Due to the larger optic, the Artisan 204 is recommended for patients who are prone to impaired night vision. The Artisan myopia is the first FDA-approved phakic IOL.

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Model 375/376



Preloaded Capsular Tension Ring in a singje use injector. The Ringject is easy to handle, offers total control and is FDA approved.

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Model 206

Artisan Myopia

Artisan Myopia Lens 206

The Artisan myopia was the first FDA-approved phakic IOL. The lens has passed the test of time by filling the need for those who seek a predictable and stable solution for the surgical correction of myopia.

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Enclavation Forceps

Artisan Enclavation Forceps

The Artisan Enclavation Forceps are made from titanium. The reusable enclavation forceps are primarily designed for the enclavation of Toric Artisan PIOLs.

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Enclavation Needle

Artisan Enclavation Needle

The Artisan and Artiflex enclavation needles are designed for the enclavation of all Artisan and Artiflex lenses to the iris.

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Implantation Forceps

Artisan Implantation Forceps

The Artisan Implantation Forceps is used to implant the toric Artisan IOL and fix the lens optic during the enclavation procedure.

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Lens Manipulator

Artisan Lens Manipulator

The reusable lens manipulator is used to maneuver the Artisan lens to the proper axis before the lens enclavation.

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History of Iris Fixation

The iris fixation method was developed in 1978 for an aphakic eye following cataract treatment. Used in a lens technology called the Iris Claw Lens, this iris fixation technique has given sight to a generation of cataract patients with approximately 300,000 aphakic eyes implanted worldwide. 

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