Corneal Shape Analyzer

The Cassini offers true measurement of corneal astigmatism for premium surgical planning. The Cassini helps cataract and refractive surgeons better understand corneal properties to improve outcomes and increase premium patient volume.

  • Instantaneous auto-capture
  • Submicron accuracy
  • Innovative software


True Axis

  • Multicolor LED Ray-Tracing combined with 2nd Purkinje imaging technology
  • Axis repeatability within 3 degrees

True Magnitude

  • Diopter range 4.00 – 171.00 D
  • Display K-values per zone 3/5/7/9 mm

True Capture

  • Instantaneous autocapturing
  • Measurement quality factor parameter
  • Topographic indices: shape factor, eccentricity, asphericity, form factor
  • Keratoconus indices: surface asymmetry index, surface regularity index

True Accuracy

  • Submicron accuracy due to color LED triangulation technology <0.8 µm

True Technology

  • Pupillometry programs - mesopic & photopic
  • HD External Ocular Photography
  • Topographic maps: Axial, Refractive, Tangential, Elevation, Recorded Image and High Order Aberrations
  • Multiple color scale options
  • Incorporated patient management program
  • Connectivity: Femtosecond lasers Guidance systems, Toric IOL calculators, USB, Direct print, PDF, JPG, PNG, Excel



  • Cassini brochure

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