With just two simple clicks the IOLMATIC® injector system is connected to the lens holder, loaded with the IOL and ready to use.

  • MDR approved Precizon packaging
  • Soft tip for 1-piece acrylic IOL
  • Ready to use with two simple clicks

Our new ready-to-use packaging for Precizon IOLs, is fully compatible with the IOLMATIC® injector system. With just 2 simple clicks the IOLMATIC® injector system is connected to the lens holder, loaded with the IOL and ready to use. It’s easy, saves time and ensures safe IOL delivery with reliable results.

Remember the key steps for success:

  1. Fill the injector cartridge with viscoelastic;

  2. Move folding unit backwards. Do not touch the folding element.

  3. Insert the injector in the lens tray in the correct position until you hear the first click;

  4. Smoothly close the folding unit by pushing it until hearing the second click;

  5. Remove the activation lock;

  6. Insert cartridge tip bevel down into the wound and rotate the injector 1 to 2 clock hours clockwise.

Your sales representative will be happy to provide you with a short training on using the IOLMATIC® injector system. 

  • For single use only
  • 2.4 mm incision
  • Push injection system
  • Compatible with Precizon IOLs

Designed for...

Smooth insertion

The IOLMATIC® is ready to use in just 2 simple clicks.


Follow the simple steps to success.



  • IOLMATIC® leaflet

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