A self-leveling corneal marker with pre-inked, sterile, disposable tips and integrated fixation light

  • Reliable axis alignment
  • Integrated fixation light
  • Improved accuracy

The Robomarker features a concealed dual pendular weight system balanced between two high precision ball-bearings in a gravity-based system that ensures that the Robomarker ring dial maintains your chosen axis within one degree. So you can focus on marking the cornea rather than trying to keep your marking device level.

Lasting marks

When the pre-applied dry formula on the marking fins meets the corneal tear film, it leaves precise marks that will last up to two hours.

Integrated fixation light

The integrated fixation light is the same fixation light used to measure corneal astigmatism. The Robomarker gives your patients a familiar focal point that keeps them comfortable.

Designed for...

Accuracy and precision

The Robomarker is enhanced with a self-leveling gravity-based pendular mechanism for better accuracy.

Patient comfort

The Robomarker has an integrated fixation light just like the fixation light used to measure the corneal astigmatism.


Surgery centers that provide disposable Robotips give their staff and surgeons a time and safety edge, because there is no more waiting on the autoclave, locating marking pens or multi-step marking processes.



  • Robomarker brochure

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