Ringject Preloaded Capsular Tension Ring Inserter

Model 375/376

The Ringject is a preloaded capsular tension ring (CTR) in a single use injector.

  • Easy to handle
  • Total control
  • FDA approved

The CTR is prepositioned in the injector and is designed to be self-loading for your convenience. The Ophtec CTR is a high-precision medical device for insertion in the capsular bag and is made from highly flexible compression molded polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). Clockwise or counterclockwise insertion is possible. The Ringject system is provided in a sterile blister ready for use.

  • Beveled tip for easy entry into the incision
  • Long small tip: especially convenient in cases of deep set eyes
  • Implantation clockwise or counterclockwise, indicators on the injector


The Capsular Tension Ring (CTR) is indicated for the stabilization of the capsular bag in case of defective or absent zonulae and/or to reduce the risk of luxation or decentration of an intraocular lens.

Designed for...

Ease of use

The Ringject has a beveled tip for easy entry into the incision and can be used with a one-handed technique.

Total control

It includes an action and retraction mechanism.

Your convenience

The Ringject is provided in a single package sterile blister. It is self-loading and ready for use.



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