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Watch the video to learn how you can implant IOLs in just 4 easy steps!




Injector System for PRECIZON™ IOLs

Our new ready to use packaging for PRECIZON™ IOLs, is fully compatible with the IOLMATIC® injector system.
With just 2 simple clicks the IOLMATIC® injector system is connected to the lens holder, loaded with the IOL
and ready to use. It’s easy, saves time and ensures a safe IOL delivery with reliable results.




  • For single use only
  • 2.2 mm incision
  • Push injection system
  • Compatible with PRECIZON™ IOLs
  • Soft tip for 1 piece acrylic IOL




4 steps to success

1. Fill the injector with viscoelastic

2. Connect the injector to the lens holder (first "click")

3. Load the injector with the IOL (second "click")

4. Release the safety lock







Compatible with all PRECIZONTM IOLs





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