Capsular Tension Ring

Model 275/276

The Capsular Tension Ring (CTR) is indicated for the stabilization of the capsular bag in case of defective or absent zonulae and/or to reduce the risk of luxation or decentration of an intraocular lens.

  • Circular expansion and stabilization of the capsular bag
  • Safe IOL centration in eyes with zonular dehiscence
  • Reduced risk of capsular fibrosis

Compression molding technology means that CTRs are highly flexible. These PMMA Capsular Tension Rings are indicated for the stabilization of weakened, broken or missing zonules preventing IOL decentration after capsular shrinkage.

Compression molding technology

Ophtec has developed a unique production process for the manufacture of CTR: compression molding technology. The compression molding process enhances the molecular structure of PMMA by redistributing the molecules into longer chains, resulting in a much stronger material.

Other features

  • Prevents IOL decentration after capsular shrinking
  • Stabilized conditions during (phacoemulsification) surgery 


The Capsular Tension Ring can be inserted using the Ringject, a preloaded Capsular Tension Ring (CTR) in a single-use injector. The Ringject is easy to handle, gives you total control and is FDA approved. 

Read more about the Ringject here.

The Capsular Tension Ring can also be inserted using forceps.



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