Precizon Monofocal

Model 560

Monofocal hydrophilic acrylic IOL designed for the correction of aphakia.

  • Optimized PCO barrier
  • 2.2 mm micro-incision
  • Proven stability

Mechanical haptic feature
The space between the inner haptic stays open with compression down to 9 mm. This opening is designed to allow a “fibrosis anchor”. This will enhance the stability and reduce late post-op rotation of the lens.

Offset haptics reduce PCO
Precizon Monofocal IOLs have offset shaped haptics. This shape enables the lens to adhere to the posterior capsule, to prevent early postoperative rotation and to reduce PCO.

In a conventional spheric lens design, spherical aberration occurs because the dioptric power in the periphery of the lens is different from the dioptric power in the center of the lens (optical axis). These aberrations influence contrast sensitivity and depth of focus. The Precizon family IOLs have an aspherical anterior side, resulting in aberration-neutral IOLs.

  • One-piece IOL

  • In-the-bag fixation

  • Aspherical & aberration free IOL



One-piece IOL, in-the-bag fixation

Optic Powers / Diopter range

-10.0 D to +0.0 D (Convex concave, 0.5 increments) +1.0 D to +35.0 D (Biconvex, 0.5 increments)

Lens Material

Hybrid hydrophobic & hydrophilic monomers. Ultraviolet filtering HEMA/EOEMA copolymer

Body Ø

6.0 mm | Biconvex

 Overall Ø

12.5 mm


 IOL spherical aberration

360° | 0 µm


Convex Concave

103.8 (SRK T)

1.67 (Barrett suite LF)

A-constant Biconvex

118.6 (SRK T)
118.7 (SRK II)
0.567 (Haigis aO)
0.123 (Haigis a1)
0.159 (Haigis a2)
5.27 (Hoffer-Q pACD)
1.53 (Holladay 1 sf)
1.67 (Barrett suite LF)
0 (Barrett suite DF)



  • Precizon Family Brochure

  • Precizon Monofocal Factsheet

  • Precizon Patient Brochure

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