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Precizon Presbyopic Toric
Model 575

Precizon Presbyopic is a hybrid, acrylic IOL designed to correct Presbyopia and Astigmatism.

For the correction of presbyopia, this lens has a multiple segments optic, CTF (Continuous Transitional Focus) for far and near, on the anterior surface. A smooth transition from far to near is achieved between these segments. This transition offers a constant defocus between the two sharp focal points, delivering excellent intermediate vision.

A  TCT (Transitional Conic Toric) optic is the foundation of the multifocal segments. A TCT optic is tolerant of misalignment because different conic constants are calculated. Not only on the horizontal and vertical axis, but also between 0 ° and 90 ° degrees.  

The patented TCT and CTF technology sets the Precizon Presbyopic Toric IOL apart from other toric presbyopic corrective IOLs on the market.


Precizon Presbyopic Toric is designed for:  

  • Natural Vision at all distances

The CTF aspheric surface forms a broad beam of light, a zone with an enhanced depth of focus with uninterrupted high-quality images for the brain to translate into clear vision at all distances.

  • Tolerance of misalignment

In a significant percentage of cases, IOLs tend to rotate a few degrees before they stabilize. This leads to a loss of quality of vision in regular toric IOLs. The TCT optic however is designed to be more forgiving to decentration with less loss of quality of vision. 

The CTF segments allow an equal and steady light distribution in case of rotation or tilt. In those cases, the patient can still benefit from the same near and far vision.

  • Reducing Glare & Halos

Using segments instead of concentric rings reduces photonic phenomena, allowing patients to adapt more naturally to their new vision.

  • Tolerance to the Kappa Angle 

This lens has a broad central zone. The visual axis passes through the wider central segment avoiding visual disturbances by the Kappa Angle.‚Äč


Model: 575 Precizon Presbyopic Toric
One piece IOL
Optic type:  Aberration Negative (- 0.11 μm) Continuous Transitional Focus (CTF) optic
Central far zone size Y/X: 1.4 / 2.6 mm
Rotated segments width: 0.60 mm
Number of segments rings: 3 n
Refractive Index: 1.46
Abbe number: 47 
Optic Powers: Sphere: +5.0 D to + 34.0 D (0.5 D increments) * / **
Cylinder: +1.0 D to + 6.0 D (0.5 D increments)
Power add +2.75 D.
Haptic configuration: Open modified C-loops with offset shaped haptics
Lens Material: Hybrid hydrophobic & hydrophilic monomers. Ultraviolet filtering HEMA/EOEMA copolymer 
Lens colour: Clear
Body Ø: 6.0 mm
Overall Ø: 12.5 mm
Haptic Angle:
Centre thickness range: 0.8 to 1.3 mm
Body edge thickness: 0.4 mm
A-constant ultrasound: 118.0
A-constant optical:

118.8 (SRK T)
118.8 (SRK II)
0.126 (Haigis aO)
0.355 (Haigis a1)
0.157 (Haigis a2)
5.51 (Hoffer-Q pACD)
1.72 (Holladay 1 sf)
1.78 (Barrett suite LF)
0     (Barrett suite DF)

Light distribution 40/60 near/far

* The minimum Sphere power is 1.5 + C e.g. 575A107TY10 =  S5.0 & C3.5 (1.5+3.5=5.0) 
** The maximum Sphere power is 35 - C e.g. 575A111TY59 = S29.5 & C5.5 (35-5.5=29.5)



2021   Javier Mendicute MD, PHD
Insert to cataract & refractive surgery Today Europe

2021  Prof. Youngsub Eom


Article on TheOphthalmologist.com


Patient information:

Information for patients on the Precizon Presbyopic Toric IOL can be found on the patient website: 


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