DualTec Kit

DualTec Kit

Single use lens injector for the implantation of one- and three piece acrylic IOLs.

Features and Benefits:

• Push or twist option: push for one piece IOLs, twist for three-piece IOLs
• Single use: safe, hygienic, constant quality
• Convenient cartridge loading

DualTec Kit content:

The DualTec Kit contains a DualTec injector and a "Locking Wing System" cartridge together in a blister, box of 10:

• OD665 DualTec Kit 1P Acrylic 2.0
• OD655 DualTec Kit 3P Acrylic 2.8


In blister, box of 10.

• OD522 LWS Cartridge 1P Acrylic 2.0
• OD502 LWS Cartridge 3P Acrylic 2.8

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DualTec OD655 Loading Instructions Animation
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DualTec OD665 Loading Instructions Animation