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Enclavation system for ARTISAN and ARTIFLEX (P)IOLs


Unfortunately the Vacufix is temporarily unavailable. Please visit the Artisan Artiflex Needle Enclavation (OD125) page for an alternative to the VacuFix. In the video section, you will find educational material on how to perform the needle enclavation. For questions, please contact OPHTEC.


The VacuFix Enclavation System is designed for the enclavation of all ARTISAN and ARTIFLEX (P)IOLs. When connected to the phaco unit, and when the VacuFix contacts the iris, the suction allows for an easier grasp of iris tissue and lifting the fold of iris through the slot of the claw.

The VacuFix consists of two disposable handles, one for the right side and one for the left. This will allow an optimal positioning and centration of the Toric(P)IOLs.

The VacuFix tip with aspiration hole creates a perfect iris bridge with a controlled and reproducible amount of iris tissue. Precision is the key benefit for you and your patient, especially in toric Artisan/Artiflex surgery. For Artisan Aphakia cases the VacuFix adds convenience, as this system allows an easier grasp of iris tissue.

• BO150 box of 10
• BO150 A box of 1

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• Controlled amount of iris tissue 
• Reproducible amount of iris tissue 


Preformed curves of the VacuFix tip make it easy to reach the enclavation site. The VacuFix is compatible with all phaco machines.

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The surgical techniques and opinions expressed in the videos are solely those of the surgeons and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views or opinions of OPHTEC BV.


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VacuFix vacuum enclavation system By: OPHTEC
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Use of enclavation needle Dr C. Budo Belgium
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Needle enclavation of the ARTIFLEX PIOL Animation
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Artiflex Toric Step by Step Prof. J.L. Güell Spain
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Artiflex implantation Prof. J.L. Güell Spain
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Enclavation Forceps Dr C. Peckar United Kingdom
United States