311 Aniridia Lens II

The Aniridia Lens offers solutions for the correction of aniridia as well as iris coloboma.

Features and Benefits:

• Coloured body and haptics
• Additional optical correction
• Available for scleral and  sulcus fixation


HMK Ani 2 Model 311:

Optic: 4.0 mm
Body Ø: 9.0 mm
Loops: C-loop
Overall Ø: 13.75 mm
A-constant (ultrasound): 118.5
A-constant  (optical)*:

119.0 (SRK T)
119.0 (SRK II)
1.902 (Haigis aO)
0.400 (Haigis a1)
0.100 (Haigis a2)
5.55 (Hoffer-Q pACD)
1.79 (Holladay 1 sf)
1.88 (Barrett suite LF)
0 (Barrett suite DF)

AC Depth: 4.9 mm
Dioptric Powers: 0.0 D and 1.0 D to 30.0 D (0.5 increments),

Without Optic:

Pupil aperture: 4.0 mm 
Body: 9.0 mm
Loops: C-loop
Overall Ø: 13.75 mm


OPHTEC's iris reconstruction implants are available in brown, green and blue. These colours have been carefully chosen to simulate the natural colouring of most eyes. 


1. The anterior segment reconstruction prostheses are only available in 3 standard colours and therefore OPHTEC cannot guarantee the perfect colour match with the fellow eye.
2. After implantation in the eye the colour of the prosthesis might look lighter.
3. For a better evaluation and choice of the colour match, we suggest to consult OPHTEC representatives.

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The surgical techniques and opinions expressed in the videos are solely those of the surgeons and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views or opinions of OPHTEC BV.


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Implantation of a green Aniridia IOL for post traumatic Anaridia and Aphakia Dr J. Roman France
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Implantation of brown Aniridia IOL for traumatic Aniridia and Aphakia Dr J. Roman France
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Anirida 311 Iris reconstruction IOL in keratoplasty surgery Dr J.P. Álvarez de Toledo Spain
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Aniridia 311 Iris Reconstruction lens implanted Dr F. Lignereux France
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Trauma surgery Dr J. P. Macedo Portugal
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Implantation of the Aniridia lens, several cases Dr G. Sciuto Italy

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